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in the Health and Well-being of All Africans


Investing In Lives

Our investments are focused on helping doctors and nurses in Gabon with vital medical services, tropical disease research, and education for Africans studying to become doctors and nurses.







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About Bongolo Friends

Bongolo Friends was launched to be an accelerator of long-term, high-return, strategic projects that allow Bongolo Hospital and other Christian hospitals in Africa to provide excellent and compassionate medical services to all who come.

We are an international nonprofit based in the United States focused on helping Christian hospitals in Africa that demonstrate the compassion and love of Jesus Christ through healthcare.

Not just to the rich, not just to those who believe what we believe, but to all who come. Rich or poor, Christian or Muslim.

We envision funding that will help create a beloved community of Christian hospitals in Africa, serving together in a way that emphasizes health and well-being for the people they serve as well as the training of African medical specialists wiling to serve throughout Africa.


Even in Africa, hospitals that raise the living standards of the people they serve must continue to improve.

Bongolo Hospital has brought medical miracles to Africa for nearly four decades, but to address the next frontier of healthcare delivery in Africa, more financial resources are necessary.

First Priority

Our first priority is the long-term presence and productivity of Bongolo Hospital, and as God provides, we will be an enduring resource for as many other Christian hospitals in Africa as possible.

You Can Impact the Health and Well-being of the People in Africa

Bongolo Friends is based in the USA and registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)(3) organization.

Contributions to Bongolo Friends are tax deductible to the maximum extent permitted under the law.


Bongolo Friends, Inc.
250 East Ohio Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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Our Vision

Bongolo Friends worships God by loving and serving the sick through an endowment fund for African healthcare.

Our Mission

We promote the long-range viability and stability of Bongolo Hospital in Gabon as well as other Christian hospitals across Africa by providing long-term and strategic funding for:

  • Medical services, delivery, and hospital infrastructure
  • Qualified healthcare professionals and support staff
  • Educational, training and research opportunities
  • Quality of life for medical personnel and affiliated staff

Our Core Values

Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by serving through healthcare delivery

Show compassion to the poor and sick

Preserve the primacy of a Gospel witness

Promote excellence in all aspects of healthcare

Demonstrate integrity, stewardship, and accountability

Depend upon the Holy Spirit in our personal and professional lives